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I am a Swagbucks Failure, and I’m Not Sure Why

swagbucks winAdvice welcome.

Swagbucks is a religion for many in the frugal community. (For those of you who may not be familiar with Swagbucks, it’s a legitimate and popular search engine sort of like Google that rewards its searches with prizes like gift cards.) For two years, I have tried Swagbucks, and have failed miserably! Rarely does the mod metro-man show up on my screen to tell me I’ve won Swag Bucks. Am I the only one who cannot make a go of this site??

I’m writing this post now because of a recent incident. Because of another ongoing project of mine, I thought I’d try Swagbucks again and download the toolbar for all of my searches. In two days, zilch. Not one Swagbuck did I earn even though I used the toolbar for about a zillion product, retail and general searches. Then, there was some sort of technical glitch which conflicted with WordPress (too complex to explain) and I had to disable and then finally discard the toolbar from my computer.swagbucks logo

Not only THAT, when I have tried Swagbucks in the past, I have not been able to gain many points in the way of Swagbucks surveys or other ways the site “lets” you earn. I am unsure why I cannot make Swagbucks work for me when I have had immense success with My Surveys ( from which I frequently earn CVS and Amazon gift cards–and we all know that’s how to get those freebies at the drugstore.

If anyone has had this experience and has tips on how to make Swagbucks successful, I’m all ears!

By the way, I’m an Ibotta failure, too, lol!

~Marilyn, TFF

One comment on “I am a Swagbucks Failure, and I’m Not Sure Why

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